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1. February 27, 1905

2. Niagara Falls, New York

3. Stanislas Pascal Franchot Tone

4. Cornell University

5. The Age of Innocence

6. Green Grow the Lilacs

7. The Group Theatre

8. MGM

9. The Wiser Sex

10. Today We Live, Gabriel Over the White House, Midnight Mary, The Stranger's Return, Stage Mother, Bombshell and Dancing Lady

11. Four - Bombshell, The Girl from Missouri, Reckless and Suzy

12. Seven - Today We Live, Dancing Lady, Sadie McKee, No More Ladies, Love on the Run, The Gorgeous Hussy and The Bride Wore Red

13. Mutiny on the Bounty

14. The Lives of a Bengal Lancer

15. Dangerous

16. Franchot Tone, Robert Taylor and Robert Young

17. Five Graves to Cairo, a World War II espionage story directed by Billy Wilder, and Phantom Lady, a film noir thriller.

18. The Eiffel Tower - The Man on the Eiffel Tower

19. A Moon for the Misbegotten

20. Dr. Daniel Niles Freeland

21. Advise & Consent

22. Admiral Husband E. Kimmel in In Harm's Way and Ambassador Townsend in Nobody Runs Forever a.k.a. The High Commissioner

23. Joan Crawford (October 11, 1935 - April 11, 1939) (divorced), Jean Wallace (October 18, 1941 - 1948) (divorced) 2 children, Barbara Payton (September 28, 1951 - 1952) (divorced) and Dolores Dorn-Heft (May 14, 1956 - 1959) (divorced)

24. Two sons - Pascal Franchot Tone (b. July 29, 1943) and Thomas Jefferson Tone (b. September 16, 1945 - d. April 29, 2005)

25. September 18, 1968 in New York City, New York (lung cancer)

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