Meredy's Too Close for Comfort Trivia Answers

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So you've decided to cheat and take a look at the answers?

OK, spoil the fun and read the answers below!

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1. San Francisco

2. ABC

3. Cosmic Cow

4. Martin

5. Ficus

6. She wanted to be a fashion designer.

7. The Loose Caboose

8. Sara

9. Can't Help Falling in Love With You

10. Herb Kennedy

11. 1980

12. Good Morning America

13. None. He won two Best Supporting Actor Emmy Awards for his role as Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

14. Army fatigues

15. Huey

16. Monroe's motorcycle

17. In the corner of the master bedroom.

18. Upstairs

19. Johnny Mandel

20. Yes. Her birth mother later became a nun.

21. Six seasons

22. Security guard

23. On a post on his drawing board.

24. Sweatshirts with college logos.

25. 25 years

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