Meredy's Spencer Tracy Trivia Answers

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1. April 5, 1900

2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

3. He planned to become a priest.

4. A convicted killer in The Last Mile

5. 20th Century-Fox

6. MGM

7. San Francisco

8. Libeled Lady

9. Captains Courageous

10. Freddie Bartholomew

11. Boys Town

12. Father Flanagan

13. 1942

14. State of the Union

15. Elizabeth Taylor

16. Robert Wagner

17. Bad Day at Black Rock

18. The Mountain

19. Desk Set

20. The Old Man and the Sea

21. The Last Hurrah

22. Inherit the Wind

23. How the West Was Won

24. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

25. June 10, 1967 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California (heart attack - pulmonary edema)

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