Meredy's Clint Walker Trivia Answers

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1. May 30, 1927

2. Hartford, Illinois

3. Six feet, six inches

4. He did odd jobs in a carnival.

5. Eighteen

6. He was working security at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas.

7. Henry Wilcoxon

8. The Ten Commandments

9. Warner Brothers

10. Cheyenne

11. He was the Sardinian Captain of the Guard.

12. No, but he was told not to worry, he would either be a good rider by the end of the first year or a dead one.

13. Gary Cooper

14. James Arness - by one inch

15. Night of the Grizzly

16. Baker's Hawk

17. London

18. None But the Brave

19. Send Me No Flowers

20. Shane

21. Norman Eugene Walker

22. Yes, he's 1/4 Cherokee.

23. Kodiak

24. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

25. He has a daughter named Valerie.

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