Meredy's Warner Baxter Trivia Answers

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1. March 29, 1889

2. Columbus, Ohio

3. Warner Leroy Baxter

4. San Francisco

5. Vaudeville

6. In stock touring companies

7. Her Own Money

8. His pencil mustache

9. The title character

10. Norman Slatterley

11. Ramona

12. West of Zanzibar

13. The Cisco Kid

14. Three times

15. Myrna Loy

16. 42nd Street

17. The Prisoner of Shark Island

18. 1936

19. Dr. Ordway - The Crime Doctor

20. Walsh was set to play the Kid, but was in a car accident and lost an eye.

21. Horses

22. Winifred Bryson

23. Ginger Rogers

24. State Penitentiary

25. May 7, 1951 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California (pneumonia)

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