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1. May 6, 1915

2. Kenosha, Wisconsin

3. George Orson Welles

4. His father was an inventor and his mother was a concert pianist.

5. He was nine when his mother died and 15 when his father died.

6. John Houseman

7. War of the Worlds

8. Joseph Cotten, Mercedes McCambridge and Agnes Moorehead

9. Lamont Cranston a.k.a. The Shadow

10. Eartha Kitt

11. 18

12. RKO

13. William Randolph Hearst and Robert McCormick

14. Bury it: literally.

15. The Magnificent Ambersons

16. Harry Lime

17. Five

18. The Magicians Union

19. Black and white

20. Virginia Nicholson, Rita Hayworth and Paola Mori

21. Christopher, Rebecca and Beatrice

22. "Keep Ted Turner and his goddamned Crayolas away from my movie."

23. "I started at the top and worked down."

24. "He has Van Gogh's ear for music."

25. October 10, 1985 in Hollywood, California (heart attack)

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