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1. August 8, 1921

2. Inglewood, California

3. Esther Jane Williams

4. Marjorie Rambeau

5. The Los Angeles Athletic Club

6. By age 16, Williams had won three national championships in breaststroke and freestyle swimming.

7. No. The Olympics were cancelled in 1940 and 1944.

8. Billy Rose's Aquacade

9. Eleanor Holm, Johnny Weissmuller, and Buster Crabbe

10. In her contract were two clauses: the first being that she receive a guest pass to The Beverly Hills Hotel where she could swim in the pool every day, and the second that she would not appear on camera for nine months to allow for acting, singing, dancing and diction lessons.

11. Andy Hardy's Double Life

12. Bathing Beauty

13. Cole of California

14. Take Me Out to the Ball Game

15. "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

16. Eleanor Powell

17. Howard Keel

18. Million Dollar Mermaid

19. Easy to Love

20. Tom and Jerry

21. "America's Mermaid"

22. The Million Dollar Mermaid

23. Leonard Kovner (June 27, 1940 - 1944) (divorced), Ben Gage (November 25, 1945 - April 20, 1959) (divorced) 3 children, Fernando Lamas (December 31, 1969 - October 8, 1982) (his death), and Edward Bell (October 24, 1994 - June 6, 2013) (her death)

24. Two sons and one daughter - Benjamin Stanton "Ben" Gage (b. August 6, 1949), Kimball Austin Gage (b. October 30, 1950 - d. May 8, 2008 [inoperable, cancerous brain tumor]), and Susan Tenney "Susie" Gage Beardslee (b. October 1, 1953)

25. June 6, 2013 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California (died in her sleep)

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